comfy-casual for gloomy days.

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Picture it: Saturday morning, the forecast shows the rain from last night will last all day, and you have no plans to leave your bed, let alone your house! Netflix is cued up and you have a date with Olivia Pope and the cast of Scandal. Suddenly, you get the call! Your home girl from college is in town, for today only, and she wants to hang out! The dream of over sized t-shirts, fuzzy socks, and no make-up is dead. You need a chic yet comfy beat to help you survive this cold gloomy day!

Well, Sonique is cold weather ready in this cozy ensemble. Her oversized cable knit sweater shields her from low temperatures and gives her a comfy-casual vibe. Her distressed boyfriend-denim gives her a certain edginess, while her nude pump adds elegance and sophistication to her look. To top it all off, she'll stay nice and dry with her waterproof Plastic Life Mini by her side (bag could be paired with a clear umbrella for the "it" girl that loves to accessorize!) With this look, neither style nor comfort have to be sacrificed.

There's enough room for both!

Check out the outfit details below:
Sweater: Wind Ridge
Denim: Levi
Shoes: Christian Loubitian
Shirt: American Apparel

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