bad and bootsy.

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these boots are meant for more than walking...

What do you get when you mix an oversized hoodie, cut off shorts, and knee high boots: TROUBLE!!! Here Sonique has transformed items in every girl's closet into a jaw-dropping, statement look that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

This look is so simple to achieve and will compliment all body types. So dig out that old sweat shirt from college, or steal your man's favorite shirt that you only wear around the house, or go thrifting and find yourself a nice Cosby sweater. Add that with short shorts and a crazy high, thin heel and you're ready for a chic lunch date or a night of debauchery!

Please wear this outfit responsibly.

Sunglasses - Forever21

Hoodie - ASOS

Shorts - Hollister

Shoes - Defined

Bag - Sonique Saturday "The Plastic Life"


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