groovy in grey!

Posted by Sonique Saturday on

Have you ever paired an outfit together using a monochromatic color palette? Well you should! Here Sonique's ensemble is heavily saturated in grey scale. But - what makes this outfit work is her chic attention to details, like pattern and texture.

The lace camisole and fur of the jacket provide a nice contrast against the bold pattern of her striped shirt and floral jeans. This look is perfect for going to a friends art exhibition or any event that's extremely metropolitan, plus it's super easy to achieve! All you need are pieces from the same color scale and the confidence to mix textures and patterns!

See the outfit details below:

  • Shirt: Thrift Store
  • Camisole: Forever 21
  • Jacket: H&M
  • Pants: Zara Man
  • Shoes: Zara

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