Our March restock broke the first-time record for us, selling out in just 7 MINUTES! While this was a huge moment for us, it does break our hearts that some of our #SaturdaySquad were unable to get their bags. But don’t worry, we’ve been comment diving, and we’ve compiled a list for you on how you can up your chances at securing a bag.

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    • Our newsletter informs you of exclusive offers and restock updates. We drop all major announcements there too! If you’re not subscribed, you’re missing out.


    • Even if you know you will be awake, set an alarm for 5-10 minutes before the bags drop. Head to the website and be ready!


    • It’s best to know the exact bag that you want before the restock drops. Our bags can sell out in minutes. If you know the bag you want, then you are able to check out faster!


    • Buying with Apple Pay can and will save you so much time. If you do not have apple pay, have your card in hand so that you can input everything in a timely manner.

With our restocks, everything comes down to time and a little bit of luck! The faster and more prepared you are, the more you are likely to get the items you want. So, are you subscribed?

Frequently Asked Questions

All handbags are custom and made to order. Packages are sent through USPS. You can also use your tracking number to locate your package on Domestic shipping can take 7 to 20 business days. Some packages could take less or more time depending on postal services, COVID delays, and holidays.

Yes, I love shipping to my overseas customers! Additional fees for shipping may apply.

All handbags are made and shipped from Los Angeles, California, United States of America. We are piloting distribution locations around the country, and in some cases, you may see your bag shipped from one of those.

All handbags are made from faux leather. No animals were harmed in the making of any handbags.

Once a handbag is released you have to buy it quickly so you won’t have to dread reading the worst two words ever: SOLD OUT! Sometimes we do re-stock our most popular items, so it's good to be subscribed to our newsletter to stay up to date with releases. You can also tell us which bag you’re looking for here by submitting it on our restock page.

We do not accept returns on any merchandise, as all sales are final. In special cases, we offer exchanges or store credit. You can find our full Return Policy by clicking here.