I wish every day was Saturday.

Founded in 2014

Our Story

Saturday House started in 2010 when its founder, CEO, and principal artist, Sonique Saturday, designed a custom handbag for herself while attending Albany State University in Georgia. Classmates were mesmerized by these beautifully, custom designed bags and wanted to know where she got them. Sonique began designing and selling a few bags here and there until the demand skyrocketed! She decided to make this side job a full-time career in 2012, as she moved across country to Los Angeles, CA. With the help from her friends and family, she slowly saw her handbags becoming wardrobe staples.

In LA, she began networking and attending fashion events to grow her business, securing the clients she wanted to see carrying her bags. She spent days taking her handbags to local boutiques and shops to see if they would sell them. Soon after, a shop on Melrose Avenue put her bags on display! She hand-painted a large brown bag and the attention it received was unbelievable! Shops demanded that bag in their glass cases! This led to the creation of the “You Fake Like This Birkin” niche market. The road ahead was not going to be easy, but Sonique wanted to pursue it! She hand-painted bags while also working as a fashion stylist to support herself in the bustling city of LA.

It wasn’t long before the luxury, hand-painted handbags went viral. Celebrities, fashion icons, stylists, friends, and relatives started to send in requests! The brand was originally named Sonique Saturday, after its founder, in 2014. A few years later, Saturday House was born. Saturday House is a leading design house for modern street fashion accessories and lifestyle collections, with a long-standing reputation built on statement-making pieces. Defined by a free-spirited, all-inclusive attitude, the brand approaches design with an eclectic vision, reimagining luxury today. Here at Saturday House, we value authenticity, innovation, effortless fashion, and bold California style.

In 2021, Sonique grew the brand to include a small team of men and women dedicated to making an impact in the fashion industry. Saturday House is not just a handbag company, it has developed into a luxury design house that sells apparel, phone accessories, handbags, hats, and so much more. Stay tuned to find out what we have in store for you this year!


Our Mission

To provide any and every body with a conversation-starting, empowering fashion accessory.

Our Vision

To dress you and your home in Saturday House.

A Few Words from Our Customers...

"My Favorite Black Luxury Black Excellence."

- Nik N.

"Elevating the mood always."

- Maggie G.

"...I was so excited to open this bag!! I wanted one for a while so I decided why not...Gave me the satisfaction I was looking for."

- Lyssi P.