Bag Features: A Closer Look at the #YFLTB

Bag Features: A Closer Look at the #YFLTB


Our #YFLTB bag is the true icon of Saturday House. The #YFLTB comes in three sizes: 25CM- the mini, 30CM- the medium, and 35CM – the large. The mini is perfect for nights out, dinner dates, and quick trips. The medium is the happy middle where you get the space for days at the office, and it is truly the everyday bag! Our large #YFLTB is the travelers go to and for the customer who brings everything with them- snacks, wallet, keys, phone, phone charger, laptop, mask, and more! The sayings on this bag differ from “You Fake Like This Birkin” to “Yep, It’s Vegan” to custom designs! Let’s take a deeper dive into the features of the beautiful statement making bag!

Hand Painted

Each and every one of our handbags are hand painted with care. We take pride in the details at Saturday House and ensure each bag has that loving touch as our CEO brushes the paint across the bag! Our Saturday House paint is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, matching up with the goals and values of the brand. I’m sure you’re thinking anyone can paint a bag, but Sonique Saturday does it differently. Not only is she coating it with quality, but the wording and letters are strategically placed on the bag to draw that eye catching attention we all love!


With even the smallest details in our bags, we hope to provide the customization we all desire. Most Saturday house #YFLTB bags come in your choice of gold or silver hardware. The hardware is seen on the satchel strap, plated bag straps, lock hole, lock, key, and feet. Each #YFLTB includes a working lock and a leather keychain that is looped around the handle of the bag. If you look inside this keychain, there is a hidden key to unlock your bag! Simply close the bag flap, stack the plated bag straps over the lock hole, attach the lock, and loop the keychain around the handle! You are all set to secure the items in your beloved bag!

Handles/Satchel Strap

Adding to the customization for our customers, each bag comes with two handles as well as a cross-body satchel strap! Now, you can go hands-free as you attach the satchel and drape it across your body. This works well for shopping trips, airport adventures, and so much more! The cross-body strap can also be adjusted in length to meet your specific needs.


All of these handbags are made with animal cruelty-free, vegan leather. It is smooth, lustrous, and durable. Each bag also comes with a Saturday House tote for storing the bag, and you can even use it for trips to the store in place of plastic bags!

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