The Zodiac Series - Aquarius

The Zodiac Series - Aquarius


January 20, 2022

Which Bag Should You Buy Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


Ready for the next Saturday House bag choice of the month based on your zodiac sign!?

♒️ AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18): Air Sign

As the Aquarius name implies, this symbol is the water bearer. As water brings life to the Earth, Aquarius signs hope to unite people to bring power and social progress!

They fantasize about freedom and live to go against the norm or the now. An Aquarius’ power color is blue as it is a universal chroma that calms and centers your mental health.

The perfect bag for this sign is the 22CM Stop Talking-Snowcone handbag. That’s right, babes. Stop talking and start acting! Stop dreaming and start making it a reality, just like Founder and CEO, Sonique Saturday, and how she started this beautiful brand! And the ombré color of this bag is giving 90s and Y2K mood ring vibes, so you gotta secure this statement piece asap!

Celebrities with this mindset include Alicia Keys, Shakira, Uzo Aduba, The Weeknd, Dr. Dre, and Oprah.


Did you secure the Snowcone handbag for the free spirited you? Check it out by clicking the button below to get your statement piece, babe.

This bag is everything. Shop below.

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