The Zodiac Series - Capricorn

The Zodiac Series - Capricorn


December 22, 2022

Which Bag Should You Buy Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


A new zodiac season has arrived, so let’s find out which of our Saturday House bags matches this sign!

♑️ CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19): Earth Sign

The Capricorn sign is responsible, duty-oriented, and does not indulge in attention-seeking. The symbol of this sign is the sea goat to represent their attitude.

Capricorns have a business-like attitude with their power color being charcoal gray, for maturity and practicality. The cheeky, ironic bag of choice for the Capricorn would be the 35CM Quit Your Day Job-PTO bag! The clash of a mature personality with this bag’s saying will create the true statement piece!

Celebrities matching this responsible nature include Martin Luther King Jr., Michelle Obama, Denzel Washington, John Legend, Kate Middleton, and Sade.


Did you secure the PTO handbag for the workaholic within you? Check out the button below to snatch it, babe.

This bag has the sass we need in life. Shop below.

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