The Zodiac Series - GEMINI

The Zodiac Series - GEMINI


MAY 21, 2022

Which Bag Should You Buy Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


We’ve all looked up our zodiac sign and who we are compatible with at least once, right? Let’s dive into which bag you should splurge on from Saturday House based on your zodiac sign!

♊️ GEMINI (May 21 – June 20): Air Sign

The Gemini. A symbol of twins. The good and the bad. A Gemini can be both an introvert and an extrovert depending on their environment. They ask a lot of questions and value communication. As a Gemini, you adapt quickly to any situation, and you bring out the best in people. You can read the energy in any room and adapt as needed. Constantly having to be mindful of your expressive face can be exhausting! With a Saturday House bag, all eyes will be fixated on our statement-making piece. As people stare at your bag, you can give them any facial expression you want! No one will notice!

With yellow as your power color, your bag of choice is the 35CM #YFLTB- LEMON handbag. It can fit all the tools you will need for any kind of day you step into! The LEMON bag is a special one as it comes in either gold or silver hardware. The soft vegan leather contrasted with the luminescent shine of our bag’s silver hardware provides the duality this sign thrives on. Opt for the silver.

Celebrities with this sign are Prince, Kanye West, Octavia Spencer, Mel B, Kendrick Lamar, and Helena Bonham Carter.  


Did you happen to catch Amara in our lemon bag? Head here if you missed it, babe.

When life gives you lemons, you buy the bag! Shop below.

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