The Zodiac Series - CANCER

The Zodiac Series - CANCER


JUNE 21, 2022

Which Bag Should You Buy Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


Another dive into our Saturday House bag choice of the month based on your zodiac sign!

♋️ CANCER (June 21 – July 22): Water Sign

A sensitive forgiver, but not forgetter is the Cancer sign. With a symbol of a crab, the Cancer sign is constantly on the move. They are a caretaker, not depending on anyone.

You need a big bag to carry with you the burdens of others as you work to make everyone’s life better! Your bag is made for comfort; it is the NEW 35CM #YFLTB- Lavender handbag! It’s got that silver hardware shimmer to match your power color- silver.

Celebrities in your sign family include Ariana Grande, Frida Kahlo, Solange Knowles, Post Malone, Khloe Kardashian, and Kevin Hart.


Did you secure the Lavender bag in silver or gold hardware? Click the button below to see the bag in real time, babe.

Relax. Buy the bag. Repeat. Shop below.

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