The Zodiac Series - LEO

The Zodiac Series - LEO


JULY 23, 2022

Which Bag Should You Buy Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


Read on to see our Saturday House bag choice of the month based on your zodiac sign!

♌️ LEO (July 23 – August 22): Fire Sign

As an attention drawer, the Leo has a large personality. The Leo symbol is the lion and wants to stand out! Leo signs let out warmth and creative energy as they dazzle those around them.

Ambitious, effortless, and recognized as authentic, Leo’s dare to splurge on luxury goods. The obvious bag of choice for this sign is the 35CM #YFLTB-PAPAYA handbag that is bold and eye catching, just like the Leo!

Celebrities with this sign range from Kobe Bryant to Kylie Jenner to Coco Chanel to JLo to Meghan Markle. Oh, and not to mention our CEO & Principal Designer Sonique Saturday! Would Coco dare to show up carrying a YFLTB?


Did you secure the PAPAYA bag in our July restock? Head to the link below to view the bag from all the angles, babe.

Summertime fruit. Shop below.

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